How to get the most out of 1st Conference

This is the sixth and final video in our series about the Heart of Agile and how 1st Conference is using the 4 areas of, "Collaborate", "Deliver", "Reflect" and "Improve", to assist you to self-educate and then improve agility in your place of work.

In this video, Alistair gives you some ideas for how you can approach your experience at 1st Conference (or at any learning event), to get the most out of the experience. For those of you more inclined to read than watch, I've summarised what he had to say in text below the video for you.

We hope you enjoy the video - and hopefully see you at 1st Conf 2018!

As preparation for the conference, start noticing things, little micro actions at the 5 minute range:

  • Start looking for examples of positive collaboration, things you liked to see
  • Look for whenever someone delivers something to validate or invalidate a decision
  • Notice when people are reflecting and using reflection as a tool for making more informed decisions
  • Come to the conference, looking to think already about how you want to improve

This actually has a remarkable alignment with the meditative practice of "mindfulness", but it's creating it as an open consciousness with your surroundings.

If everybody came in this level of prepared, the conference would be alive from the very beginning and everyone would be learning off each other in a positive, solutions focused way.

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