We are using our extensive network to find some great presenters and facilitators to help you to understand how to promote Organisational Agility. 

2018 Keynote speaker - Joanne Molesky

Joanne Molesky

Joanne Molesky

Joanne Molesky will be with us in Melbourne, all the way from British Columbia. She is a Principal Associate at ThoughtWorks, a global software delivery and consulting company. She is currently a key member of their internal TechOps Management team, with responsibilities for IT Governance, Risk and Compliance. She has lead both the global Continuous Delivery and InfoSec teams at ThoughtWorks and is co-author (with Jez Humble and Barry O'Reilly) of the book Lean Enterprise, published by O'Reilly Books. 

Her passion is for finding ways to reduce risks related to software delivery and its use without compromising creativity, experimentation and learning. Over the course of her many years of work experience in both IT and Healthcare, there is one important thing she has learned: "Things change, get over it and to learn to adapt."

The two links below will take you to content we developed to help you learn more about Joanne, her views on the challenges and opportunities the workforce faces and the ways she thinks you can prepare for the conference.

"Part One - Why Organisations Need to Change"

"Part Two - 4 Things to know about the Australia Workforce and How to Prepare for the Change"

Below - Joanne previews her visit in a short video - or check out the full versions in the links above.


Previous Lineups

Since 2015, we have had more than 60, high quality presenters and facilitators at 1st Conference. High Profile names such as Jurgen Appelo, Alistair Cockburn and Ben Linders, have travelled to Australia for the event. We also draw from an amazing list of talented people from closer to home.


2018 Format

Day 1 & Day 2 - Talks and workshops

The format for 2018 will be a mixture of talks and short workshops. The talks will be designed to stimulate and challenge your thinking around growing a culture of Organisational Agility. The workshops will help you to more deeply understand concepts and give you practices that you can try immediately. Added to this, The Heart of Agile framework is used as a useful bridge to Organisational Agility.

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