An exercise to drive collaboration

If you've been following the series of videos about Heart of Agile and how 1st Conference is using it, you will have heard about some of the thinking behind HoA and how it can act as a bridge to Organisational Agility..

In this video (5 of 6), Alistair suggests a practical exercise to help you start improving collaboration within your organisation.

For those of you more inclined to read than watch, I've summarised what he had to say in text below the video for you.

In the meantime, enjoy the video - and hopefully see you at 1st Conf 2018!

In terms of where to start, Alistair gives a great suggestion for an exercise you can do when thinking about collaboration and the Heart of Agile, you can do this with a couple of people at work:

  • Draw a diagram of all the people you have to collaborate with to ship some form of anything that reaches a customer in the form of your role.
  • For each connection define if you need a weak, medium or strong level of collaboration with this person to get stuff done.
  • Label each one with the quality of collaboration that is now there.
  • Pick out the two that you think are the most important - so the two that if you could improve on your collaboration with them it would make everything easier.
  • Name one thing that you can personally do to improve on that collaboration. Do it.
  • Next, for each of these people take a sticky note and write two or three short stories of where this collaboration has worked well. (this is a reference to Solutions Focused approach to learning and improvement)
  • Come back to this all the time, the aim is to start seeing more of what you're looking for and seeing more of the positive impact and indicators of collaboration, it becomes a self reinforcing cycle.
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