1st Conference is a 2 day conference for people who want to understand for the first time, or to revisit the principles that make working with Agility so valuable. Talks and workshops will provide ideas and practical methods you can use to enhance agility for all parts of a business.

Jurgen Appelo is an internationally recognised speaker who specialises in agile management. He is a keynote speaker at 1st Conference.

NEW format: a day of talks and a day of workshops
NEW venue: the amazing Storey Hall at RMIT University.
Numbers are limited, for a, community-based, learning experience.
50:50 gender balance of speakers and facilitators

Come and learn from an inventor of agile, a top international thought leader in agile management, and all the Australian content on the schedule.

Speakers and Facilitators

Alistair Cockburn


We are delighted to welcome Alistair Cockburn to 1st Conf. 

He is one of the initiators of the agile movement, helping write the Manifesto for Agile Software Development in 2001, the agile PM Declaration of Interdependence in 2005, and co-founding the International Consortium for Agile in 2009.

Alistair constantly updates his thinking and will share his latest thoughts about the essence of agile, e.g Guest Leadership

His thinking on the Heart of Agile is the framework for 1st Conference

Jurgen Appelo

 Jurgen Appelo returns to Australia for the first time since 2014. Based in The Netherlands, he is pioneering management that helps creative organizations survive and thrive in the 21st century.

He shows that the core principles of what is known as “agile” can be extended to inspire professionals in all parts of a business. The benefits of having a more engaged, collaborative, happier workforce, lead to outcomes that all modern businesses, that want to thrive in the future, aspire to. Importantly, attracting the most curious, collaborative, innovative people to the business…and keeping them.

Local experts


The event is framed around the 4 parts of the Heart of Agile; Collaborate, Deliver, Reflect, and Improve.

There will be talks on the first day and workshops on the second day, with the aim to support Deep Learning by taking the concepts you hear about and reinforcing them with practical techniques you can use right away.

The lineup is hand picked from our Australian and overseas network of agile experts.

See the Speaker and facilitator lineup.

Agile has become overly decorated. Let’s scrape away those decorations for a minute, and get back to the center of agile.
— Alistair Cockburn

Key enhancements in 2017


Curators of 1st Conference 2017 are Kelsey van Haaster and Craig Brown, who said:

When designing 1st Conference 2017, we wanted to:

Refresh the format
…and be the first event in the Southern Hemisphere to be based upon the “Heart of Agile” concept. This seeks to get back to the roots of what Agile is really all about and is the result of decades of experience that Dr Cockburn has, working with organisations and teams who want to find better ways to work. 

Create more meaningful Learning Opportunities.
1st Conf will run over two days and is designed to be an experience for delegates to cover the Heart of Agile of concepts of Collaborate, Deliver, Reflect and Improve. With top class experts from overseas and also from our region.

On Day One, each concept will be explored by experts on the subject area in a series of talks intended to position and explain the quadrant within the larger Heart of Agile model.  

Day Two is intended to deepen the understanding from day one, through a series of practical workshops. Delegates will be able to attend a workshop covering each Heart of Agile area. Each workshop will teach one or more practical techniques that attendees can take back to their workplaces and put to immediate use.   

Use a new venue.
We selected RMIT’s Storey Hall as its spaces support the new format in a better way than the previous venue.

Support diversity.
We as organisers support diversity in tech and we commit to enhance the diversity of speakers and workshop facilitators.

Headline Supporter

Odecee is a trusted software partner to some of Australia’s leading brands. With a focus on innovation and lean software development, Agile is at the heart of everything we do. As part of Cognizant, Odecee has recently opened a dedicated innovation space – the Collaboratory – to help our customers dream up and build market-leading digital experiences.

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1st Insights


Venue - RMIT Storey Hall, Building 16, 336-348 Swanston St, Melbourne
Date & Time - 8:30am to 5:30pm, 2-3 March 2017

Registration is now available.

Storey Hall


First built as the Hibernian Hall, the building was renamed in 1959 to honour two members of the Storey family with close links to RMIT. Sir John Storey Senior, a pioneer of Australia’s automotive and aircraft industries, was Melbourne Technical College Vice President 1944-1945. His son, John Storey Junior, was a former Student Representative Council president.

it was remodelled as the iconic Storey Hall in 1995, when it received an ultra-modern extension, featuring geometric-shaped windows and tiles. While the remodelling preserved the original, heritage-protected building, the extension includes references to Melbourne’s architectural past, while showing what can be done with modern design and architectural techniques and technology.

The building is now home to the RMIT Gallery and includes a large auditorium and function space. It was originally built for the Hibernian Australasian Catholic Benefit Society in 1887 – and the extensive use of green in the extension’s exterior references that Irish heritage.