Participant Interview - Zoya Roytblat - Lead Business Analyst/Agile Coach

This year, we want to make sure that you are able to understand the types of people you might meet at 1st Conference. We think that this will help you to understand the context of the event and its benefits.

In this first of three posts, I had a chat with Zoya Roytblat, a Business Analyst Practice Lead/Practitioner, who works with Belong, a telecoms company. With a strong grasp of the principles and practices of working in an agile way, she's worked in organisations where new ways of working weren't just handed to her, so she understands the challenges you face in trying to adapt.  She has some interesting thoughts about the conference and about organisational agility and about why 1st Conference is inspirational and conducive to learning.

In the next post, we talk with David Williams, an experienced Agile Project Manager.

1st Conference 2018 is launched

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It also helps being surrounded by people who are going through similar experiences and hear about how they’re approaching the challenges that they face. It allows you to widen your angle and view point on things.
— Zoya Roytblat

Ringo: So, Zoya, tell us about your background?

Zoya: I am an engineer turned accountant turned business analyst, by the powers of the universe. I have changed the direction of my career three times so far, and these days that’s the norm!

What I am now is an Agile Business Analyst Practice Lead and an Agile Coach.

I appreciate the delivery of making change in an agile way. I have been in Business Analysis for over 15 years, and I am in the 8th year of my agile journey.

I have worked in a number of different industries and I’ve learned a lot about myself and the ways I like to work along the way.

Ringo: So tell me more about why you like working in an agile way?

Zoya: It allows you a unique opportunity to talk to people and think about the solutions that you'd never think about yourself. I love the way that agile empowers collective thinking and customer value.

Ringo: So you went to 1st Conference this year (2017), and will be at 1st next year (2018), tell us about your previous experience and why you’re coming back?

Zoya: In previous years I thought that 1st was designed only for beginners, but I was pleasantly surprised by the maturity and mix of attendees around me.

It was actually very inspirational, and the environment at Storey Hall at RMIT is awesome for learning.

Ringo: What can someone expect to get out of the experience?

Zoya: I think it’s really valuable being in an environment that where you’re able to learn about the big ideas that are changing the way things work, but also learn about some of the practical approaches and how they can be implemented and applied.

It also helps being surrounded by people who are going through similar experiences and hear about how they’re approaching the challenges that they face. It allows you to widen your angle and view point on things.

Ringo: As a BA, Agile Practitioner why would you want to go to this conference?

Zoya: Going outside of your everyday work and refreshing your view is important no matter what job type, listening to experiences that you can connect to on your own, expands what you can do, expands your thinking and it creates new neuron connections. It helps you to grow.

In addition, conferences like this helps you with networking and understanding how the things can be looked at, implemented and used in your own environment.

Ringo: Obviously we’ve developed the format this year to try and encourage an all around learning experience, what are your thoughts on the changes?

Zoya: I think it will be very interesting to experience the new format, on a conceptual and personal level I feel like I’m going to get more about of a deliberate, structured approach. The idea of combining reflection, practicality workshops, listening and learning and making your own connections over a joined narrative makes sense.

Ringo: If someone was coming along to the conference, how would you encourage them to prepare before the day?

Zoya: Make sure you look at the speakers and facilitators and think about what they're bringing and what you want to learn. Also think about general information and knowledge you would like to gain talking to others.

Ringo: Any final comments?

Zoya: Looking forward to the overall experience, and hope to reflect and improve after the two days.

1st Conference, 1 page summary pdf

Click the image to view the 1 pager

Click the image to view the 1 pager

It's all neatly summarised in this PDF. Print it out and give it to people you think would benefit from coming, or people that will pay for you to come!