Heart of Agile, Executive Edition with Phil Gadzinski & Greg Gogerly
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Heart of Agile, Executive Edition with Phil Gadzinski & Greg Gogerly

Are you an Executive or a Leader of multiple teams, in an organisation where you need to work collaboratively across multiple different business or functional units to deliver customer outcomes? Was your business stable in terms of where it's been, but is now undergoing threat and competition (disruption is just competition) from multiple sources including non-traditional players?

You may have teams that are already implementing agile ways of working and frameworks, and you need to understand how to make these work together strategically, tactically and operationally. The gaps between the teams is proving the biggest challenge, so you need to work out how to make these teams connect efficiently and effectively - aligning strategy to execution. You need to see that your strategic goals are being delivered, and know what questions to ask to gather information and insights to aid meeting your KPIs. The Heart of Agile is the advanced meta framework to help you ask the right questions and achieve organisational agility.

This workout day is replete with modern working theory and high-energy, timed activities that pit people against themselves and their preconceptions of what work actually means, what work is meaningful, and how work happens in their organisations.

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Professional Agile Leadership
to May 18

Professional Agile Leadership

Professional Agile Leadership - Essentials

Leaders will understand how being agile adds value to their business and why their support is essential to the team’s success. They will be prepared to support and enable successful teams by providing guidance and removing impediments that are beyond the team’s ability to address.

  • Have a clear and common language to better understand the core problems in Digital Product and Software Development.
  • Students will receive an introduction to professional Agile techniques and ways to lead Agile teams.
  • Effectively understand the role that management plays in Agile change of an organization.
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